Friday, January 8, 2010

California Academy of Sciences favorite spot for Sili Valley corporate events

Photo: Joe Fletcher
This Dec 15 2009 article by Paul Rogers in the Silicon Valley Mercury News shows how today's museums can make the most of their unique settings to bring in ancillary revenue with evening events.

"...a growing number of Silicon Valley companies are holding their parties backed by a 40-foot Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, a coral reef teeming with 4,000 Philippine day-glo fish and a domed planetarium showing how super novae explode...

"Despite a rental fee that can total $30,000 a night, the museum has played host to scores of corporate events, tilted heavily toward tech, from the launch of video game phenomenon Spore to a 15th anniversary bash for WIRED magazine. In the past year and a half Google, Microsoft, IBM,, Adobe, Intel and Oracle all have rented out some or all of the museum..."

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